Apr 15, 2008

My 2nd Reason for Entrepreneurship: Develop a product that is useful to people (Part III)

In a previous post, I called co-workers on the job and the job itself mediocre. While that statement is true, I am NOT saying that employement is a bad thing. Having a job is useful since you gain experience and may learn a thing or two. Sure, the learning may be slow, but you still learn a few useful things. After all, I did and still am!

I once was told by a seasoned entrepreneur to “continue working at your job and you will see many unresolved problems. These problems spaw ideas, potentially ideas that you can start a business from.” On the job, while learning about many aspects surrounding a device, I noticed that my company still uses paper records to log information about indivdual devices. Often times they need to search through large file cabinets to find a particular device’s history. Sometimes, they are unable to find the records.

Well, the solution to their problem is obvious. A database of some sort should be used in place of paper records. There are many software solutions that they could use. On the more complex and expensive end could be software from SAP, Microsoft and Oracle. On the less complex end they could use an Access database with a simple GUI on it.

Knowing my company and the speed of which they do things, I would say that they prefer incremental change that is less obtrusive. So my idea for anyInput was re-enforced again!

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