Apr 14, 2008

Useful Features of Our Products: anyInput and anyAssets

One of the subjects I have not talked about so far is our products. After all, this is our company blog, which should be used for marketing purposes! As of now, our products are anyInput and the upcoming anyAssets. The core features of the two products will be the same but will diverge with time as customer feedback is collected. The core features that users may find useful are the following:

Multiple Categories Can be Defined
Categories can be Nested
The Fields in Each Category Can be Customized
Different Types for Each Field can be Chosen
Searching through the Items of a Category
Sorting the Items of a Category
Relationships (links) between Items from different Categories can be Defined
Multiple Users With Different Privileges can be Setup
Alerts on Individual Items can be Specified
Importing of Your Data From a Spreadsheet (csv)
The following lists additional community related features on anyInput:

Mailbox for Accounts
Forum for Discussion
Creating Links to an Account Page on an External Site
Global Search Engine
Tagging System
I will explain more about these features in later posts. If you are interested in learning more about these features, please see our How To’s and FAQ.

Marketing Adventures: Mass Marketing Pondering

Sometimes I ponder. Often times, the thoughts are about common sense subjects. Further, these thoughts arise because of daily experiences. Nevertheless, I need to convince myself about these ponderings. On a side note, knowing business is about having common sense and intuition. Business is not about smarts, but having smarts helps!

Anyway, I look at statistics for anyInput on a daily basis in Google Analytics. One of the statistics is “bounce rate.” The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that entered anyInput on the same page that they left on. So if a browser visits the anyInput homepage and leaves, the bounce rate increases. A high bounce rate indicates that many browsers are not interested in your site.

The fact is, not everyone will be interested in your product. If you engage in mass marketing, then you are targeting everyone. What percentage of those people will be interested in your product? For anyInput, I can say that the maximum percentage is 2%. So at max 2 / 100 visitors are interested enough in anyInput to sign up for a free account.

Mass marketing is probably not effective for anyInput. The alternative to mass marketing is using targeting advertising. There are many ways to target advertising such as Search Engine Optimization of PPC search engine ads. Just remember, you need to know what your customers are searching for if you use targeted advertising!

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