Jan 13, 2009

Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1: You’re a Host From Now On

The story starts with the main character, Haruhi, looking for a place to study in. As the library was full, Haruhi looks for another place where he can study in peace. After going around the castle for a while, he comes upon the host club in the third music room. Here, he tries all means of escape and unfortunately breaks a very valuable vase worth eight million yen in the process. He is made to pay it off by being the club’s errand boy for the rest of his stay in that prestigious school.

The next day, he is introduced to the club members and oriented to what their club is all about. While learning the things that he is supposed to fulfill, the club members somehow caught a glimpse of his eyes and are intrigued by how they are like those of a girl’s. He thereby becomes an official member with his attribute being that he looks and is sensitive enough just like a girl.

Given his very first desinations, the president of the club gives Haruhi his attention to the point that a customer by the name of Ayanokoji became jealous and with no fault of his own, Haruhi gained an enemy in the person of Ayanokoji.

As Haruhi is getting better and better at playing host, an incident with Ayanokoji arises that requires for her to change the uniform he is wearing. We are then shown a very disturbing sort of revelation. Haruhi, the main character and the most recent addition to the host club, is actually a girl.

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