May 4, 2008

Back Links Page at

Recently, I have heard that we already have a page to put in back links whenever needed, so I immediately visited the page and found out that the page is up and running with vibrant colors as the background. That color orange page first caught my eyes and gave me the interest to explore the page and started wandering on how does the page operates.

It actually works like directory submission, where users places their site title, URL and description. The user must register in order to do this process. Registration is another part of the system, users starts to register by clicking on the register to create listings link, and will be redirected to a register page then supply username, password, names, and email address, after everything is in place, click the Save Settings button, and you have to verify your registration by clicking a link to our site which is sent to the email address you have provided during the registration process. Why we do this?Simply, to avoid fraud and automatic registration, and to make sure the registrant is a real person and most of all, to avoid hackers from exploiting our system.

The actual reason why we do have this page is that, directory submission sites often requires back links from links submitted, directory submission is a process done by an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) personnel to ensure traffic from different types of sources, and to make the site to the highest rank possible of any search engine. Even though bookmark sites do not require back links, some other procedures in doing SEO asks for it, so in order for us not to have a hard time making HTML tags for their back link posts, we opted to device this page.

What is the site we are promoting? Obviously, Anyinput is the site we are trying to make it to the top of every search engine. Anyinput is a free site to lists down any information which you feel like really important to you. Especially when you sometimes used to forget the things you badly needed in your day to day job, be it your favorite DVD you just bought lately, a game card you've always think of, a list of phone numbers maybe, or anything that comes into your mind, feel free to put them here. Anyone can find this site by typing into the search engine the following keywords: online data collection, free online data storage, information sharing, data exchange, online file sharing, online file storage, movie collection, data collection, free online catalog, web data collection, internet data collection, open information sharing, data collection services,online storage, free online storage, online file storage, free online file storage, online data storage, so go and try this them now, its enjoying and exciting to make anyinput of any of your information in mind. Try it now, anyway, its just free, nothing to pay for, nothing to worry about.

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