May 14, 2008

My Internet Connection Sucks with Globelines Broadband

Since the day I started to offer services in the cyberspace helping those who are in need of my services, promoting sites to any search engine and letting people know that and sites, I was not satisfied of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) where I connect my computer to the internet. Why did I said these against my ISP? Here is my story:

Our subdivision, a prominent and classy subdivision, is an exclusive subscriber to the Globelines Broadband, wow, what a wonderful agreement between the two, at least Globelines Broadband is secured that they are the only provider inside it. And no other broadband is allowed by that subdivision to put up internet cabinet facility inside it. So there's nothing I can do but to subscribe to Globelines Broadband, a week later, my hellish life begun, my connection is not stable, it connects for a day, then disconnects for about one week, how's that? I tried to call the customer service representative but all they can say is "Sorry for the inconvenience, Sir. I will make a report regarding this instance". Wow, what a compliment, do this lines makes my connection stable and back to the operation? Of course, not! I have been to three months on this ISP but the service is still the same. The same old, old story. My sentiment is that why is this exclusive subdivision permits to operate exclusive only for this ISP? Where in fact, they cannot hold on to their promise to provide their customers with a high speed, stable and better internet connection? My ISP really sucks. Well, I live in Iloilo City, Panay Island, Philippines, I am not really recommending this ISP to any of my friends, and I will try to talk to the manager of that exclusive subdivision to let other ISP do business in our location.

My work on the cyberspace is really affected with this kind of services they offer, its been a week exactly today that I don't have the connection. I am losing dollars every day because of them.

Please advise me with what else should I going to do with Globelines Broadband.

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