May 14, 2008

I hate my ISP

Hey Guys, this is a sentiment of a globelines broadband unsatisfied user in support to my previous posts, this only means that I am not the only one who suffers for unprofessional services of globelines broadband in the Philippines. Please read them carefully and please post any thoughts that you may ever wanted to say.


Where have I been during these past 5 days of being offline?

I was calling up Globelines Broadband customer support service in order to follow up on the restoration of their “unlimited” internet service in our little corner of Silang, Cavite.

It all started back in March 28, 2007 when the broadband service was disrupted due to some problems their main server suffered. The problem they said was Luzon-wide. So it was understandable, but later that day my land-line lost its dial-tone. What the heck happened?!

The problem came from their ‘facilities’, the cabinet of switches, ports and routers they put up in our town plaza. My fellow town-mates who were also on Globelines had to go to their business center in SM City Dasmariƃ±as to file reports about this personally, I was among them. Thankfully, a crew was sent out the following day, March 29 and restored our land-lines to service. Unfortunately, our broadband service was still out, which is what we really and badly needed.

That town-mate of mine owns an internet cafe so his business was literally dependent on Globelines broadband being usable for him to make a living. The same was in my case, I badly needed my internet connection at that time because of the following:

* a blog series to finish before the Phil Blog Awards night
* freelance writing stints
* my first work-at-home paid job as a video editor

The blog series and freelance writing stints are of no major concern, but the most crucial for me was that video editing job of which I have been accepted for just last March 17, meaning to say that I haven’t even made it through to my first month of being employed.

At that time, I just finished working on 3 videos each being 400MB+ in size, which are just impossible for a dial-up connection to handle. To put in more pressure, those videos needed to be uploaded to my boss’ FTP account for him to give to the client on March 30. So I really needed my internet connection, that’s why I called up Globelines customer support service an average of twice a day praying that they keep true to their word that ’service would be restored within 24-48 hours.’

Unfortunately they were not able to do that. Frustratingly, every time I would call, they promised that the service would be restored the following day and that someone from their side would give me a call and give me updates so that at least, I could say something concrete and excusable to my boss every time he would ask me why I’m having delays on submitting my work, but none of the promised phone calls came through.

This drama went on for 5 straight days, from March 28 up to April 1, each and every single day of that dilemma, the same promises were given and were broken. At what cost? The blogging series coming to a halt, my freelancing stints being soured and worst, I lost my video editing job. Wouldn’t this look good in my resume? Not being able to go through the first month of job, because I am an unreliable worker, all thanks to an unreliable telecommunications firm posing as a world-class internet service provider.

This experience has really taught me a lot. It opened my eyes so to speak. It led me to a realization that Globelines is no different from the other ISPs in the country, from this experience I think they are now amongst the worst. It all started when that Taiwan earthquake revealed how crappy Globelines broadband service is, and ever since that revelation, we fellow Globelines customers here in Silang, Cavite have been plagued by that same troublesome ‘facilities/equipment/cabinet’ in our area.

Though I haven’t blogged about it that much, this same problem has been recurring in our area since January of this year. Again for four straight days, our broadband service was utterly useless, and the same promises of 24-hour restoration and phone calls that never came we first experienced on that incident. It’s only April of the same year, meaning that the repair job done last January was only good for like two months. This observation leads me to the following conclusions; a) the equipment they use are substandard, b) the technicians and crew they hire are incompetent, c) Globelines really cares little about its subscribers in Silang, Cavite, or d) all of the above.

Further proof of this is my neighbor who has been on Smart BRO since last year. Before the Taiwan quake his life was a living hell because he’s on Smart BRO while I was a happy and proud Globelines broadband customer, I even encouraged other friends to sign up for their service. After the Taiwan quake, my life is now a living hell while my neighbor has had no problem with his Smart BRO service since then. Would you believe that? I mean hellooo! He’s on Smart BRO!! I’m on a fixed line dsl service, what gives?! Damn it!!!

Now I hope that Globelines would keep true to its word this time around and give us that promised rebate for the 5-day service disruption, human aggravation and financial loss. Pray also that they would really, really as in really fix the problem in our area for good. Replace the damned equipment if necessary, but this is for the future customers who would sign up for their services. As for me, I’m just waiting for my lock-in period to expire this coming May and I’m switching to PLDT myDSL for my internet needs, just as Max Limpag did (congratulations on winning the Blog Awards!) who even wrote a break-up post that’s really an eye opener. PLDT’s services may be crappy too, but not as crappy as Globelines’ in our area. Not unless Bayan Telecommunications or SKY happens to offer its DSL services here in our area, I’d be more than happy to sign up for it.


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Well, the same thing happens to me here in Iloilo City, Philippines exactly the same experience. What is your Internet Service Provider Details? Jot it down and share it at anyinput data storage .

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