May 26, 2008

What Makes A Good Site?

Everyday, hundreds and thousands of sites are added in the cyberspace on different categories may it be for kids, adults, general information, science and technology, humanity, all about computers and information technology. These sites may be for free or with commercial value. Millions of sites everyday and millions of information travels around the globe, since internet is GLOBAL, anyone could access anything.

Now, on the above mentioned categories, which one makes a good site? Which one makes one's interests awake and which one makes people visits a site again and again?

The following are points on boosting your site and make it the apple of everybody's eyes:
Make your site related to the topic that the users are looking in the web. There are of course a lot of sites all over the internet but some of these sites are non-related sites when you try to search on a particular topic. Some users have short patience on reading non-related content of the site. But if your site makes a sense, then you're up on their site bookmark lists.

Make your site informative. People wants an informative content and as much as possible, a trivial type of information. People loves trivia, as it add information on them, basically rare to find trivia and information on history, bizaare things trivia, science and technology, and a lot more.

Create a forum with a free "Looking to Hire" category. Most of the people are looking for jobs in the internet especially those who are an has knowledge in IT (Information Technology). They comes back again and again and again for more jobs.

Free Free Free. Make a site that offers free useful stuffs. Like,, and a lot more. belongs here, it offers online data collection, free online data storage, information sharing, data exchange, online file sharing, online file storage, movie collection, data collection, free online catalog, web data collection, internet data collection, open information sharing, data collection services,online storage, free online storage, online file storage, free online file storage, online data storage. People loves free stuff. anyInput offers free online notes for your important things or any information that you want to share and let people know about.

Create a blog that tackles about current news and events. Although selective people are interested in news and current events, it pays off when you posts on intriguing and news related infos. Some other sites creates blogs related to sex and pornographic content although it's not recommended since a lot of children uses internet and they can read and witness this sweet taboo on our society articles. If you are planning to have this type of content, you should device a system that warns or prohibits minor ages to enter the web or blog site.

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