Jun 1, 2008

My anyinput Free Online Data Inventory

I have created an account at anyInput to monitor and have a record of my internet service provider's performance for future reference, this is also one form of my Free Online Data Inventory since the term "monitoring" is also related to inventory. The following is my step by step procedures on how did I made an account as well as how did I encoded my records in the system.

anyInput Account Creation:
1. At the web browser address bar, type http://www.anyinput.com
2. Click on the "Sign Up" link
3. Provide for your desired username,email address, and password. Username is what one of the required data you need to enter the system as well as password, so better think of a unique combination of username and password, the system has a built-in module to detect whether a certain user already owned that username you want. You should remember your username and password combination, if in case you did forgot them, your email address canbe used for the rescue. The system will provide you with all the necessary information regarding account information retrieval.
4. When everything is fine, look for the "Submit" button and after a while, your account is created. Congratulations!

Encoding your records for monitoring and free data inventory at anyInput System
1. Choose or create a Category
2. Modify or Edit your Fields
3. Encode your Listings/Records on the Items. You can add another item after current item is being encoded.
4. Save and Refresh your browser.
5. Congratulations, you have now your account and records in the anyInput system.

So keep on logging in and updating your records and everything you want in your Free Online Data Inventory records.

To see your records without logging in the system, you have to type: http://www.anyinput.com/<your username>. confused? Please do tell us at email address: thewebpromoter@gmail.com

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