Dec 1, 2008

Romeo X Juliet Episode 2

Episode 2:
With their first meeting they felt an emotion unlike those they had before. They finally experienced the thing called love. But just as Romeo asked for Juliet’s name, his best friend, Bervolio, called him to go back to the dance hall because the archduke calls for him. While Romeo was unsuccessful in knowing Juliet’s name, because she ran promptly away, the latter was overjoyed to know whom she holds a deep affection. As she was fleeing towards home, she was stopped at the gate by the guards and was thankfully saved by a friend who pretended to be one from the Farnese family.
Back at the ball, an announcement was made by the archduke who surprises Romeo. It concerns Romeo’s engagement to Lady Hermione of the Borromeo house. Inside the coach on its way towards home, Juliet was reprimanded by her two saviors due to her recklessness in going to the Neo Verona castle. When asked why, the two only emphasize the condition of her turning sixteen for her to learn everything. Romeo, meanwhile, is dancing with Lady Hermione but does not seem to be enjoying it. After a while, he excuses himself saying he isn’t well and retired to his quarters.
The next day, Juliet’s birthday, she went up to her usual antics again and appeared in town as the crimson whirlwind before a corrupt lender who takes young girls as payment if the borrower cannot pay twice the lent amount. She was forced to defend herself and as she was about to lose, her friend, Curio, came to the rescue.
The story continues to the point where Juliet asks Cordelia for a place where it\rises are in abundance for the reason that Romeo commented on her smelling like them. While Romeo was flying around on his winged horse saw a place with irises in full bloom and remembers Juliet and decides to land. As he was savoring the smell of the irises, Juliet was busy at one corner of that same place picking some of the flowers. And they met again. Romeo again asks for her name saying ‘I want to call out your name.’ She tells him and was complimented upon by how lovely it sounds. She bade Romeo farewell because everyone is waiting for her to celebrate her birthday, though they did not part until it was decided upon that they would meet again the next day at that same place at exactly the same time.
That night after supper, they (Juliet and her companions) went to the cemetery where the Capulets and Montagues were buried. Here she found out that she is Juliet Fimatta Arst Capulet, the sole survivor of the Capulet family who were murdered by the current archduke Montague fourteen years ago.

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