Dec 2, 2008

Romeo X Juliet Episode 3

Episode 3:
Juliet learns about her past and receives the allegiance of all those who survived the slaughter of her family and their subjects. Conrad reveals the plan to overthrow Montague once Juliet turns sixteen years of age. That very same night, she receives her father's heirloom, the sword owned by the generations of Capulets. She then remembers all that happened that fateful night that she lost the ones she held most dear. The next day, the head of the Farnese family had a talk with Conrad about their continued stay for Juliet's protection and survival. Cordelia also had a little chat with Juliet about Romeo and finds out that Juliet is in love with a noble. Since it is a dangerous situation if a noble found out about Juliet's true identity, Cordelia made Juliet promise not to meet him again. As promised, Juliet did not go to meet Romeo, making the latter wait to no avail.
At the palace, Montague sets an example of his said cruelty, referring to his subjects as grapes in his vineyard which should be nourished or crushed as he so wishes. As Romeo was tardy for this gathering of nobles at the palace, Montague's suspicion was raised resulting to him ordering Mercutio to keep a close eye on Romeo.
At the town, the doctor who treats the Crimson Whirlwind's wounds is arrested being an accomplice of the most wanted persona at Neo Verona. Antonio comes to learn of the healer's sad plight and alerts Juliet to the situation. The Crimson Whirlwind again appears at the palace to save the doctor. The chase of the escaped prisoner and the Whirlwind leads to the tower where there is apparently no escape. Romeo arrives at the scene and came to know of the situation. Just as he was deciding on how to deal with the circumstances, he recognizes the person under the mask due to the familiar scent of irises. He helps them escape, through a mock battle, via the aqueducts below the castle. There, Juliet comes to know that Romeo is the sworn enemy's son.

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