Jan 9, 2009

Romeo X Juliet - Episode 6

Episode 6:
This segment begins with the doctor, masquerading as the Whirlwind, demanding the release of prisoners. One Carabinieri soldier fires at the doctor and wounds him. After a while, Cerimon ordered the release of the false Whirlwinds but told the doctor that he would not be as lucky as them for when he is dead, they would unmask him and see who the Whirlwind’s true identity is. The doctor wanting to protect the Whirlwind’s identity as well as his family sacrificed himself via burning. Romeo saw the smoke as he was riding atop his pegasus, Cielo lands at the square asks what the commotion is about. He learns of the whirlwind’s death and fears for Juliet, thinking that the dead Whirlwind and his love are one and the same.
As he was heading back to the palace, he caught a glimpse of Juliet and was relieved to see his love alive. They conversed for a few moments with Juliet saying that they can’t see each other again because she is the real Crimson Whirlwind.
Back at the palace, a Lords in council session was held and a few motions were introduced. One of them was to grant independence to the Carabinieri to do whatever it takes to control the townspeople and another was to form a vigilante group reporting to the Carabinieri which according to the duke would teach his subjects that cooperation leads to better incentives, rewards. The Lord Mayor Vittorio objected but was countered by duke with talk of how this would improve the town’s mentality, how those motions are like those of how a father would use the whip to discipline his children. Right them and there, the duke motioned for the House of Vittorio de Fresco Baldino to be stripped of their noble status with everyone giving their ascent.
That morning, the late doctor’s family moved out to the outskirts of town to avoid the chas in the city. And as Juliet and company were heading home, they received a tip from an ally that the lord mayor and his immediate family are to be assassinated. They promptly come to the rescue.
As the battle was in progress, Odin was injured and was about to be dealt with a killing blow by the assassin sent by Montague that a stranger riding atop a pegasus interfered.

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