Jan 9, 2009

Romeo X Juliet - Episode 5

Episode 5:
As Romeo and Juliet were taking shelter from the rain at the abandoned house, Conrad and the others were worrying about her condition and her location with the boy, Antonio taking the full blame. Conrad again emphasizes how important Juliet is and how they must protect her at all costs.
After the rain has subsided, Romeo and Juliet part ways at their meeting place where the irises are in full bloom. Romeo asks Juliet if they were to meet again. The latter answered ‘Yes’.
At the town, another monstrosity is being implemented. All food is to be rationed until the Red Whirlwind is caught. Added to this is the presence of a guard from the palace strolling around town announcing how those who could give information concerning the Whirlwind will be given extra rations from a reserved stockpile and also laying the blame of food shortage to the Whirlwind.
Back at the Farnese mansion, Conrad is in outrage about the food rationing. While they are talking about what best to do, Conrad warns Cordelia and Antonio not to tell Juliet. Further discussion was then prevented by the arrival of Juliet.
As Cordelia was helping Juliet brush her hair, the latter asks for help in making a guy’s shirt, saying that it’s for the guy she likes. Cordelia consents in teaching her but suggests an easier task as her first project in sewing, making a handkerchief. At the palace, Romeo couldn’t quite get over the idea of why Juliet dressed as a boy and had a thought that maybe she and the Whirlwind are one and the same. Although, he swept that idea away saying that it couldn’t possibly be her.
At the town, those suspected of being the Whirlwind were being arrested according to the tips of other townspeople. While Juliet is busy with her embroidery of a hanky she wants to give to Romeo, the doctor finds out about the two-faced friar who sold him out to the Carabinieri. On the other hand, Romeo talking with Benvolio, finds out about the martial law implemented by his father and seeks to take action against it only to be prevented by his friend, saying that he will be able to change those things in his own time as duke of Neo Verona. That night, the doctor confronts the scumbag friar only to get the answer that they have no other choice. Them being the lowest class of beings, they have to kiss up to the nobles to gain even just a smidgeon of power. The doctor storms off unable to do what he came to the church to do, to punish the friar.
That very same night, the doctor’s suspicion of the Whirlwind’s true identity is confirmed by Conrad. At the same time, Juliet learns of the town’s predicament as she was going around town. At the town square, she saw all those suspected of being the Whirlwind imprisoned and fated to be burned by the Carabinieri. She was on the verge of saving them, when she was stopped by the doctor. As happenings in the square were heating up, the doctor donned the Whirlwind’s gear and allowed himself to be captured by the trap set by Lord Cerimon, the Carabinieri leader.
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