Jan 8, 2009

Romeo X Juliet -Episode 4

Episode 4:
The town priest was revealed to be a spy for the palace, the very same spy who told the guards about the doctor’s involvement with the Crimson Whirlwind. Juliet is again reprimanded upon getting home concerning her reckless act of coming to the doctor’s rescue. Here, she makes a stand of not wanting to take revenge upon the Montagues, only to be enlightened by Conrad that it really must be done.
At the stables, Romeo inquires with his friend Benvolio about the Whirlwind and the reason behind the archduke’s hatred toward the town’s symbol for justice, taking into account that the people see the Whirlwind as their hope, making his stand supporting the Whirlwind. Benvolio gives him a word of advice, a warning.
Juliet stole out of William Farnese’s house dressed as Odin and went to the cemetery of the Capulets and Montagues. There she met Romeo and by some twist of luck was invited to ride upon the pegasus, winged horse, Cielo. As they were flying high above the town, an unexpected change in the weather took place and they found themselves being slowly soaked by the pouring rain. With both of them not wanting to head home, they took shelter in an abandoned house. Here, Romeo discovers Odin’s true identity, that being the girl Juliet.

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